Chem Puff Central Harvest Cannabis Strain

Chem Puff


Harvested: 3.2.23 | Tested: 4.10.23 | Packaged: 4.19.23

Total Terpenes: 3.36%

THCa: 34.7% | ∆9-THC: 0.56% | CBGa: 0.7%​

Total Active Cannabinoids 36.1%

Caryophyllene .62% | Myrcene .61% | Limonene .6%

A cross between (GSC x THE White) x (NYC Chem x 91 Chem BX). Chem Puff from Central Harvest coming in at 39.2% TAC and 36.8% THCa this strain proves to be a true powerhouse. With its sweet and earthy aromas combined with its flavor profile of pine and citrus, this hybrid will take you to new heights of creativity and relaxation and the inspiration to move you brightly.