South Park Chem


Strain Info

Harvested: 04.06.2023 Tested: 05.10.2023 Packaged: 05.16.2023

Total Active Cannabinoids: 31.2%

THCa: 29.3 ∆9-THC: 1.2 CBGa: 1.2

Total Terpenes: 1.58%

Myrcene: .65 Limonene: .91 Linalool: .26

South Park Chem is an indica dominant cannabis strain that is crossed with Chem3/Tres Dawg X ’91 Chem BX2. South Park Chem has a sweet, yet earthy flavor. South Park Chem is a relaxing strain that helps patients suffering from insomnia, appetite loss, and anxiety symptoms.