How We Grow

Quality Medical Cannabis Grown with Care

Central Ave is proud to offer patients and cannabis consumers our line of hand crafted cannabis flower. Each strain is grown in small batches by our expert cultivation team, and cared for closely to ensure the best quality product.

Your Local Cannabis Experts

We first began cultivating cannabis flower in 2015 when Central Ave opened its doors to the first registered patients in the state. Since then, we have perfected our process from seed to flower, ensuring that each plant receives close attention and grows to its best potential.

The Cultivation Process

Each cannabis clone spends 12 weeks growing in our flower room. Once the plant is fully grown, it is harvested and dried for 2 weeks. Next, the dried cannabis flower is closely monitored for 6 weeks as it cures, which allows the full flavors of the flower to develop. Then the plant is ready to be packaged and consumed.

Our Strains

When our cultivation got up and running, we started with just 3 strains. Since then we have grown our assortment to a rotation of 25 strains which are carefully selected for quality, flavor and production. Whether you prefer fruity, gassy, or sour flavors, there is a Central Ave strain for you.

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Grown with Care

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