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Locally Grown and Handcrafted Cannabis

Here at Central Ave, we’re committed to providing patients with the best quality cannabis and cannabis infused products. Our flower strains are carefully selected and grown with care by our dedicated cultivation team, and our edibles are handcrafted with in-house recipes by our expert kitchen staff.

Central Harvest Flower

Central Ave is proud to offer cannabis consumers our line of handcrafted cannabis flower. Each strain is grown in small batches by our expert cultivation team, and cared for closely to ensure the best quality product.

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Central Ave Edibles

Central Ave handcrafted edibles are made in-house with only premium ingredients. Each edible is infused with full-spectrum, ethanol extracted cannabis oil which offers a complete edible experience.

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Central Ave Topicals

Central Ave Relief Lotion is a favorite product among patients looking for topical pain relief. Formulated with shea butter, lavender oil, and rosemary oil, this soothing lotion helps calm the skin.

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Central Ave Capsules

Central Ave’s Capsules are assembled with Gelatin Capsules made of 100% bovine hide gelatin and full-spectrum, ethanol extracted cannabis oil. Patients prefer capsules over other cannabis consumption methods because of their discreteness.

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