DCM Diesel is a Sativa Cannabis strain grown by Central Harvest

DCM Diesel


Strain Info

Harvested: 02.01.2024 Tested: 03.13.2024 Packaged: 03.26.2024

Total Active Cannabinoids: 29.1%

THCa: 25.63 THCVa: 1.65 ∆9-THC: 0.69 CBGa: 0.56 CBCa: 0.19 CBG: 0.17 CBN: 0.17

Total Terpenes: 2.22%

Terpinolene: 0.69 Myrcene: 0.34 Limonene: 0.28

An alternate phenotype found during our Humboldt Sour Diesel seed hunt. It was exceptional, yet remarkably different from our original Humboldt cut. More purple hues in the finished product and a more obvious tangy/sour aroma which speaks to the Sour Diesel backcross in the lineage. Similar to the HSD cut in that it is Terpinolene dominant, which is rare. Patients report dreamy, cerebral effects good for depression and pain. Terpinolene heavy strains have historically been some of our favorite Sativas!

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