Gilz Nilz is a Hybrid Cannabis strain grown by Central Harvest

Gilz Nilz


Harvested: 3.22.23 | Tested: 5.09.23 | Packaged: 5.12.23

Total Active Cannabinoids 29.3%

THCa: 26.3% | ∆9-THC: 0.56% | CBGa: 1.76%

Total Terpenes: 2.63%

Terpinolene .19% | Caryophyllene .09% | Myrcene .06%

A cross between Georgia Pine and The White has resulted in a strain that’s evenly balanced and offers a wide range of effects. Both flavors and aromas are the same with a sweet and earthy combination that’s accented by florals, wood, and spice.