What Is Shake?

Cannabis buds on a reflective metal table with shake interspersed.

Author: Autumn Lopez

What is Shake?

Shake is the small bits of cannabis flower that fall off the bud, usually during the trimming and curing process. As the bud is handled, small pieces can break loose. If you’ve ever seen “crumbs” of flower in the bottom of your stash jar, that’s shake! It’s a normal by-product of cannabis production.

Many cannabis cultivators repurpose this byproduct and package it as shake, selling it for a hefty discount compared to whole bud flower. This allows cultivators to reduce waste by utilizing more of the cannabis plant and provides consumers with a lower-cost flower product that’s perfect for those looking for the best bang for their buck. 

Is Shake Good Quality?

While opinions vary among cannabis consumers about the pros and cons of shake, the idea that it is always a less potent and lower quality product is a misconception. Much like whole bud flower, shake comes in a variety of potencies depending on how it’s sourced and handled.

Strain-specific shake, meaning shake sourced from a single cannabis strain, is often higher quality than mixed strain shake, especially if it comes from top-shelf, high-potency flower. Because strain-specific shake is often sourced from one batch of flower, the freshness and cannabinoid profile are consistent, as opposed to mixed-strain shake, which is sourced from different batches of flower that may range in age and potency.  Some shake also contains a large quantity of kief that has fallen off the parent buds, making it an especially potent product.

In short, much like traditional whole bud flower, the quality of shake is a spectrum, with some cultivators producing much higher quality product than others.

One of the best ways to make sure you are getting great shake is to look at the testing and packaging date and the date of harvest, if available,  to ensure you are getting fresh product. Because shake has more surface area exposed to the air, the terpenes and cannabinoids tend to degrade faster than bud flower. This impacts the shelf-life of shake, meaning freshness really matters when it comes to getting the highest potency product.

Buying fresh shake ensures that the cannabinoids and terpenes percentages are at their peak, improving the flavor and effects of the flower. If you’re looking for fresh, single-strain shake, locally-grown Trackside Cannabis might just be your new favorite. Trackside’s transparent production process ensures you’re always getting fresh product at a great value.

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Why Buy Shake?

Shake is a great product for a number of reasons, from sustainability to value, and more. Chiefly, if you are looking to purchase a large volume of flower for a low price, shake is usually the best way to go! It’s also a great option for people who prefer smoking joints and blunts because you don’t have to grind it before rolling. If you are looking to roll on the go, shake is a great product to bring on your next adventure. It is also commonly used to make edibles and tinctures at home. The low cost by volume can’t be beaten, especially if you’re looking to buy top-shelf flower without spending a fortune. Shake also reduces waste by allowing consumers to utilize this extra flower rather than it being disposed of.  

If you’re a consumer on a budget, prefer rolling your own cannabis, or are looking to whip up some at-home edibles, consider giving shake a try!  Trackside Cannabis has great options for fresh, single-strain shake for less! We also have an ongoing special on High Supply Shake – 28 grams for only $100! Check out our menu to see the latest flower drops from our local cultivation and more.