The Evolution of Medicinal Cannabis

From the advent of early agriculture in the Neolithic period to the imperial halls of ancient China, cannabis has grown and evolved alongside humans for millennia. In this blog, we’ll trace the use of cannabis through time and discover some of the many ways people have incorporated this amazing plant into their lives.

Things To Do Near You – April 2024

Explore the diverse array of activities awaiting you in Central Massachusetts this April! From captivating concerts to enriching workshops, there's an abundance of experiences to enjoy.

Things To Do Near You – March 2024

Looking for some March madness in Central Massachusetts? Look no further! From Irish festivals to drum circles and charity comedy shows, we've got your month packed with fun activities!

Things To Do Near You – February 2024

The new year is in full swing in Central Massachusetts as we enter the second month of the year! While the snow and ice come and go this winter, we’re warming up with some amazing community events unfolding this February.

Cannabis buds on a reflective metal table with shake interspersed.

What Is Shake?

Shake is the small bits of cannabis flower that fall off the bud, usually during the trimming and curing process.

Sara from Central Ave Compassionate Care shows us how to roll a joint.

How to Roll a Joint

Sara (A Supervisor at Central Ave Compassionate Care) demonstrates how to properly roll a joint with Cannabis in this instructional “How-to” video.

How to do a Cannabis Concentrate Dab – Instructional Video

Sara (One of our Medical Dispensary Supervisors) demonstrates the process & tools needed to “Dab” Cannabis Concentrates. Items needed to properly dab: Dab Rig or Bong (With fresh water) Banger, or Nail Torch Concentrate of Choice: Wax (Shown in the Video) Budder Badder Shatter Live Rosin Sugar 90% Isopropyl Alchohol...

Green Wednesday – The Cannabis Black Friday

If you’ve never heard of Green Wednesday, you’re not alone! While popular cannabis holidays, like 4/20 and 7/10 (OIL day) have entered the mainstream, Green Wednesday remains a hidden gem to many, despite being the second largest cannabis holiday behind 4/20. It falls on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and is...