10th Planet

10th Planet is a hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing Planet of the Grapes x Quattro Kush to create this intergalactic strain. Expect grape and citrus aromas, with a spice and gas finish. Patients report a sedative and blissful haze; useful for stress, depression and nausea.

Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter Indica Cannabis Strain in Week 12 of the Flowering stage.

Bread & Butter is a cross between Donkey Butter and Bakers Dozen, that has sweet & sour flavor, with a diesel gassy finish. Patients report a euphoric feeling both mentally and physically providing relaxation and a full body high. It offers a wide range of effects, but is best suited for unwinding and relaxing at the end of a long day.

Chem Puff

Chem Puff Hybrid Cannabis Strain in Week 13 of Flowering. Grown by Central Harvest

Chem Puff is a three-way cross of White Cookie (GSC x The White) x NYC Chem/91 x ChemBX created by our friends over at Top Dawg Seeds. Patients report an uplifting, cerebral boost with an earthy-flavored, sweet chemical euphoria.

Citradelic Cookies

Citradelic Cookies is a High CBD Hybrid Cannabis strain. Pictured here in week 14 of Flowering.

Citradelic Cookies is a cross between Ethos Cookies x Citradelic Sunset. This strain is said to initially provide uplifting effects which slowly fade into a relaxing effect. Patients report fruity citrus, berry, spice, and gassy aromas. This batch is a high testing CBD.

Don Carlos

Don Carlos is a Hybrid Cannabis strain pictured here in Week 9 of Flowering. Grown by Central Harvest

Don Carlos is a cross between Blackberry OG and Humboldt Sour Diesel. Its fragrant buds present sour, fruity, and diesel notes, that bloom in hues of purple and green. An indica-dominant hybrid with well-balanced effects. Patients report an uplifting and euphoric high that’s great for any cannabis connoisseur.

Ethos Apex F1

Ethos Apex F1 is a terpinonlene-rich cross between Mandarin Cookies x Lilac Diesel Bx3 has candy, citrus, floral notes with a hint of apple. Patients report a calm & social high leaving them euphoric, happy, and hungry.

Gilz Nilz

Gilz Nilz is a Hybrid Cannabis strain. Pictured here in Week 12 of Flowering at Central Harvest.

A cross between Georgia Pine and The White has resulted in a strain that’s evenly balanced. Patients report a mentally stimulating experience with full body relaxation. Both flavors and aromas are the same with a sweet and earthy combination that’s accented by florals, wood, and spice.

I Love College

I Love College is a cross between Watermelon Gushers (Cocomero Gelatti x Gushers) x Silas Botwin (Apple Pie x {Blueberry Shortcake x Foul Mouth}). Patients report a focused relaxation and an enhanced appetite with this Indica-dominant strain.

Mandarin Sunset

Mandarin Sunset is a cross between Herjuana x Orange Skunk. The perfect 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid, with the scent of clementine and tropical sweet flavor. Patients report a deep body relaxation great for pain management.

Mike’s Strawberry Lemonade

Mike's Strawberry Lemonade Hybrid Cannabis strain from Central Harvest in week 14 in the flowering stage.

Mikes Strawberry Lemonade is from one of Central Harvest’s favorite breeders Exotic Genetix. A strain from his Strawberries & Cream line of crosses. This one combines S & C w/ lemon tree. During the curing process we are noticing strong tangy/sour lemon nose with prevailing, minor hints of berry as well. Patients report this strain to offer relief from chronic pain, depression and fatigue. Known for energetic, euphoric and uplifting effects.